Depths and Heights

For the past few months they have been playing Bob the Builder in the village, with old roads up and a new by-pass down.  My phone line has been off and on for several days, but I think someone went through a cable somewhere on Monday – and I have been off line until this afternoon.  One new router, a lot of tears and phone calls later I can once more get on with my life….

I am completely lost without the net!  It isn’t until I don’t have it that I realise how much info is on there – I no longer use phone books, catalogues etc, and rely on almost daily visits to my banking sites….

HOWEVER, this morning I had a short visit from a friend which brightened life up immensely!  Over the weekend, I had gone to the local museum in the square with visiting friends.  There I met Ingrid Mackenzie, an Orcadian and a knitter.  We got talking knitting, and she said that her family had been in the hosiery line in Stromness, and she had a jotter with Fair Isle patterns in – and would I like to see it!  She brought it round this morning.

It isn’t long.  But it is pure gold!  From the 1920s or early 30s.  It is a book for customers to choose their designs, and then the garment would be knitted for them.  Some of the stitch patterns are ‘standard’ FI ones, seen throughout the Northern Isles.  Others I have not seen before.  She says she is not in a hurry to get it back.  I will take pix of the pages ready for the book. Watch this space….!!

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