Theme Park Orkney

I had to go in to Kirkwall this morning for a dental appointment.  Until then I had forgotten that the Magnus Festival has just started.  This is a big classical music festival (big enough to be covered in detail by Radio 3) and the town was heaving…

Now Orkney has a fairly big tourist industry, and Orcadians are by nature a very welcoming people.  Tourists and locals usually rub along fine.  We moan about them pottering along at 40 mph, but generally are glad to have them and their money in the County.

But there is something about many Magnus Fesitval goers which make me see red.  They take over, and treat the County as a theme park.  We locals are living history players doing the bit parts for the show.  We are there for their benefit, and presumably go back into our boxes at the end of the week until next year.

I must remember to try to be out of the County next year….


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