Sheep scarf

One problem with freelancing is that so often you can’t speak about your works in progress until they are published.  This time I can!

During the lace design workshop at the Ravelry Day in Coventry a couple of weeks ago, we designed a scarf.  Everyone agreed with the first bit, but there were two ideas for what we should put in the ‘frame’ we had designed.  They were the Shetland ‘trees’ and sheep.

I have now finished knitting the sheep scarf, and it is blocked and dry:

The sheep scarf unwashed
The sheep scarf unwashed
Sheep scarf drying
Sheep scarf drying

As the yarn is Shetland wool it blocks very easily.

I am now working on the other design.  This one is using two ideas from the workshop – the trees, and a pointed end.  For this one I am using some ColourMart 2/28 cashmere double.  One of the joys of a decent sized stash is that I can just go upstairs and find the odd 50g in a variety of colours…!!


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