Burray Heritage Centre and Dogs

As today was beautiful and the forecast bad, I decided to take advantage of the greatly increased bus service and go along to the Fossil and Heritage Centre on Burray.  Now Burray is the island next door, one linked to South Ronaldsay by Barrier 4 of the Churchill Barriers, or causeways.  I had been to the cafe there many times, but never into the centre itself.

I went to look at archive photos.  Now that I have a probable publisher for the Orkney knitting book I can take advantage of the summer months to do more research….

On this occasion the photos weren’t that great BUT they had TWO Orkney wheels, one a drawing room wheel – the first Orkney drawing room wheel I have seen.

Burray drawing room wheel

One of the two wheels was probably made on Burray but at present I don’t know which….  Hopefully we can find out.

They also had a hand spun shawl with a centre pattern I have not seen before.

The weather has been beautiful all day, and this evening we took the opportunity to take some pix of both my sons with their father and all the dogs.  (I am separated from Steve, but we are still friends and he regularly walks my dogs.)

left to right: Ben, Nick, Steve; dogs Scottie, Taz, Bess, Ben
left to right: Ben, Nick, Steve; dogs Scottie, Taz, Bess, Ben

What happened next?  Bess wriggled….

what happened next....


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