What an afternoon….

Now that I have recovered from Coventry, it was time to do some dyeing.  Wool had arrived from the mill on North Ronaldsay while I was away.  Glorious sun, and a phone call from Roger saying he was very low, made to day The Day!

I have it all off to a fine art these days.  I know how to dye the most wool with the least effort to get the best results!  So upstairs I now have several kilos in 7 colours drying.  (No, I can’t dry it outside at present, but have space to hang it all up at the top of the stairs and in the spare room.

While I was working away, there was a knock at the door, and there stood Mary Kay.  If you haven’t been to Shetland you probably won’t know her;  if you grew up there you definitely will.  She taught Maths in the Anderson High for many, many years, and she is a great spinner and lace knitter.  It gives me an excuse to put up a pic I took of her teaching us in J&S a couple of years back:

Mary Kay teaching

It turned out that when Mary went to University 63 years ago, she met a group of friends who she has kept up with.  Each year they meet up and go for a week’s holiday together.  This year they have come to Orkney.  She has brought her own car down from Shetland “as when you are over 80 it can be difficult to hire a car!”

While I have been slaving over a hot dye pot, the dogs have spent most of the day on their tethers in the back garden with bones.  At present I have no back wall, so the strings are a necessity.  But it has been lovely having the back door open.


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