One Week on from Ravelry

I got home from Coventry just under a week ago.  Have I recovered?  Almost!!

The whole weekend was fantastic.  As a Lone Knitter it was wonderful to meet others and see what they were doing.  Lunch on the Friday with Jared and Ruth (and others) was particularly interesting, as I never get to see other designers and talk shop!

The only bad thing about the day was that, because I was working all the time, I didn’t get a chance to browse.  I therefore very much appreciated Fred and Kevin collaring me right at the last minute while waiting for the taxi back to the hotel.

Before the day, I said that one thing I was looking forward to was meeting Frangipani Jan and her husband Russ.  I have been in contact with Jan for years by phone and email, but we had never met.  I was not disappointed – we had lots and lots to talk about.

As always, I took my camera with me, and as usual I forgot to use it…  I have a very few shots of the morning Fair Isle class, and that is it:

Rav Day Fair Isle class 1Rav Day Fair Isle class - 2


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